Oghab Halva - Sesame Based Food Producer, τιμή:Συζητησιμη στην κατηγορία Τρόφιμα και Εστίαση - Αθήνα
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Oghab Halva - Sesame Based Food Producer

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Oghab company is the oldest (found in 1944) and largest halva manufacturer in iran, which applies its knowledge and experience and the specialty of experienced food industry expert to produce the traditional products from sesame seed industrially and export to the internal and external markets with a quality at the level of the international standards and in suitable packages so products of this company are presented and consumed in more than thirty countries
we obtain the collaborator laboratory permission institute of standard and industrial research of iran (isiri). Also quality management system of iso 2008 :9001, iso 22000 and iso 17025.

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