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Magicians, Occultists, Priests, Secret Societies, Freemasonry, Alchemists, Mystics, Saints, Satanists, Eliphas Levi, Aleister Crowley, Witchcraft, Sex Magic, Sex Cults, Black Magic, Voodoo, Sorcerers, etc....

MAGIC: The Scientific Methods of Experimentation and Observation to Achieve Mystical Knowledge (as defined by Aleister Crowley) - this book closely examines the historical development of ritual and magic and the many diverse peoples who shaped molded and developed these traditions over the centuries. Many Many Interesting Photos / color and b&w - Excellent Study.

Parragon Press, U.K. - 1997 Edition - 110 Page Large Format Paperback Book - USED BOOK in Very Good Condition

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