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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic 3 l. 2020

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    Sprinter Classic

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MB Sprinter 519 I BP TRANSFER 24S I BP387

Brand new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 by Busprestige in version BP.Transfer in seat configuration 1

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter safety bus standard:

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model 519 CDI wheelbase 4325
Engine: 3000 ccm diesel (code MG5)
Emission level: Euro VI (code MP6)
Manual gearbox Eco gear 480 (code GD9)
Reinforcement suspension stabilization level II (code CB8)
Body raised (code CE8)
Intelligent tachograph, EU (code JD6)
Auxiliary battery (code E2M)
Reinforced tires 205/75 R16C (code RG3)
Weight vehicle 5.500 kg (code XL4)
Body reinforced for ECE rollover test (code ZU1)
Trailer coupling, rigid coupling head (Q22)
Speed limitation 100 km/h, EC (code MD5)

Busprestige bus safety conversion:
Busprestige saloon area

Thermal and sound isolation, electric installation
Reinforced vehicle bus construction R.66 - ECE rollover test
Vehicle extension XL (+40 cm)
Wood non-slip flooring
Interior and roof panelling
Windows pillar panelling
Driver interior panelling
Seat 3P belt, armrest, back table
Seat reclining backrest
Seat installed on rails
Low entry with handrail
Saloon roof and wall LED lights

Busprestige windows

Side windows double glazed, tinted
Side windows in factory place extended (half panoramic)

Busprestige A/C system, heating system

driver front A/C for a driver, power 4.5 kW (Mercedes code HH9)
saloon A/C power 11 kW with digital panel (Webasto)
hot-water auxiliary heater power 5kW (Mercedes code H12)
convector hot-water heater in the saloon area

Busprestige multimedia

Monitor LCD
USB sockets (charging)
Loudspeakers in the saloon area
Multimedia: radio/cd/mp3/microphone

Busprestige luggage space

Saloon head luggage racks with panels
Deep rear trunk

Busprestige certificate and warranty

Certificate COC 2007/46/EC
Certificate Busprestige conversion
Mercedes warranty 2 years unlimited mileage
Busprestige warranty 2 years unlimited mileage

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